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Course Name Cost Description
IFR Course $300.00 A detailed course covering Meteorology, Radio aids, IFR procedures, Human factors, and practical application. Upon completing the course, you will have access to over 500 IFR questions guaranteed to have you ready to pass your exam.
Interview Prep Course $300.00 Understand the airline pilot interview process. FLT takes you through technical interview examples as well as behavioural and personality based questions. This course is designed to give you the experience and confidence to separate yourself from all other applicants.
Interview prep course with Skype consultation $400.00 Continuously updated with the most recent industry trends and standards in interview techniques. Designed for the individual looking to ensure that the delivery and self presentation for the interview is perfect. It covers common errors made throughout the interview, how to handle unique questions, and what to do when you go blank or don?t know how to answer the question.
In person interview consultation $550.00 Simulated interview environment designed to emulate the real thing. Covering all key aspects to interviewing well and eliminating common errors and mistakes. We provide specific strategies to suit your needs to answer questions, minimize anxiety and maximize your performance on interview day.
Resume and Cover Letter Design $150.00 Having trouble constructing the perfect resume or cover letter? Don?t stress anymore, we are here to help. Our team has lots of experience in the industry and knows how to make your resume say exactly what you need in order to have it picked up.
Pilot Mentorship FREE Where to flight train, how to get flying jobs, how to transition jobs smoothly, what to expect when entering the career, how to fly IFR safely, tips for success, getting into a competitive cadet programs, military flying and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to sign up?

No, registration is completely free.

Do I have to sign up to purchase a service?

Yes, if you want to purchase a course offered by FLT you will be required to sign up through the online registration.

Does it cost anything to sign up with FLT?

No there is no cost associated with signing up. What you will get from signing up is promotional codes to receive discounts as well as updates when courses have been updated with the latest industry information.

What is included with the Pilot Mentorship Program?

The pilot mentorship section is designed to be a fact driven database of information. Providing current, relevant, and up to date industry information for aspiring pilots looking for honest answers, and current pilots looking for guidance while navigating through their career. It is not a forum and all information is vetted thoroughly before being posted on the database.

Do I have to register with FLT to take a course?

Yes, in order to log into the system, you will have to register with your personalized user ID and password.

How long does it take to get the custom resume and cover letter?

The typical time to receive your custom resume and cover letter is 2-3 business days. Although this is also dependent on filling out the questionnaire as thoroughly as possible in order for our staff to create a complete and professional personalized resume and cover letter that you will be very happy with.