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The best tools and resources for current and aspiring pilots


Flight Level Training was created with one goal in mind. To help equip current and aspiring pilots with the information, knowledge, and skill in order to be successful in their careers. This is done by ensuring that the courses and consultation offered are of the highest quality and updated with current and relevant information to help ensure success.

What we offer

We offer a range of courses. Our two staple courses are the in depth IFR preparation course, and the interview prep course combined with the online consultation.

IFR Prep

The IFR course takes you through all the topics of instrument flight rules and prepares you to pass your exam, and also enter the world of IFR. The course has been made with the input and practical experience of current working pilots, flying at all levels within the aviation business, from large international carriers to regional operators.

Upon successfully completing the course you will be equipped with the knowledge to fly safely in the real world.

Interview Prep Course

In an industry where 1 in 4 get the job, ensuring that you are fully prepared is essential to be hired. Our course doesn’t just give you typical questions that may or may not be asked, it goes through the entire interview process and fully prepares you to handle any question or scenario thrown your way. When you have completed the course and the online consultation you will feel confident and positive when walking into your job interview. You will be the 25% that makes the cut in an industry where safety, professionalism and preparation are paramount for success.

Flight Level Training will ensure that you are ready.

Pilot Mentorship

Do you want to become a pilot? Are you a current pilot that is looking for a better job? Are you encountering road blocks to getting the dream job?

If any of these questions apply to you then the Pilot Mentorship aspect of this site might be an option for you. It targets specific issues that are prevalent in people aspiring to become pilots and active ones looking to enhance their careers.

Practice Pilot Interviews

Preparation is the key to success.

Go through the interview process before the big interview. Tackle a wide variety of questions ranging from personality traits to technical issues regarding the profession. FLT will cover all aspects in great detail and ensure you are ready and prepared to show why you will be hired.